That longing you have…that’s your soul calling…and the Universe knocking. 
What will you open up to and allow to happen in your life in order that this longing, this desire, this dream, comes true? ✨

Do you feel like you have to work for your partner’s love, attention, and to keep the relationship together???
I used to feel, and exist, that way.
It’s fucking exhausting and BULLSHIT. 
Relationship gets to be easy.
Relationship gets to feel light.
Relationship gets to feel balanced.
Relationship gets to feel peaceful.
It gets to be a place you go where you feel safe and open and able to simply be who you are.
It gets to be a place where your partner feels the same way.
It gets to be a place you both get excited to make each other smile and do what you can to create ease and joy in the other’s world.
It gets to be a place you each feel lit up, supported, held, protected, joyful, at ease, FREE.
Ready for this? PM me. ✨

I spoke with a dear friend last night. 
She’s one of those friends who is fiercely THERE and is a barometer for you…we are for each other. 
We simply ‘get’ things others don’t necessarily.
We spoke of life lately, of what we are experiencing and feeling.
Surrender of the most surreal kind.
It’s not the, ‘I just took a leap and am free falling.’ kind.
It’s not the, ‘let go of the side and allow the current to take you’ kind.
‘I feel………………suspended….frozen.’, I said.
Like the pixies in Harry Potter after they’ve been stunned.
We’d been pulling oracle cards and one of them was a bear reminding us to move slowly through life and enjoy the sweetness.
We laughed when she said, ‘So, we’re suspended in a jar of honey; surrendering.’
Yes. Precisely.
It has felt for both of us, that this is a time to draw our energy, attention, power back to ourselves, to what is directly in front of us. 
It is time to revel in the beauty, juiciness, yumminess of what IS, what we’ve created.
To get into the practice of managing it all; well.
Of being present and aware.
For her, it’s time in her garden, with her children, in her home, with her cats…quiet nighttime conversations with good friends.
For me, time with my loves, getting clear about what I want; trusting that what I feel and envision is right and possible, recognizing how I have what I need and some ways to spend less money right now.
Recognizing, for both of us, how we are existing in the life we wanted; that we’ve only to open our eyes to really see what is around us to KNOW how powerful we are because it’s all evidence of our own ability to create what is wanting to be created through us.
Recognizing the great, magnificent, deeply sacred and opulent wealth that IS our life.
For me, there have been moments when I’ve thought there is something I need to fix or make better; something I was revisiting or not understanding correctly…
It’s not that right now.
At all.
It’s truly this new place of surrender, of trust, of celebrating what has been and IS, of LIVING it.
Something fucking AMAZING this way comes….
And the most perfect and beautiful way to allow that in is to SURRENDER, accept, love, and REVEL in what IS.
We are supported and held; always. ✨

Turn Toward Yourself. Be Your Own Love First.

One of the most important, perfect, beautiful, and necessary things we can do to create the relationships we desire in our lives is turn toward ourselves for the answers, love, validation…everything we seek.
We get to be our own true love, our own hero, the most important person in our lives, first; always.
We are already whole.
There is not a person or thing in the world that can complete us.
Other people simply help us to see more of ourselves.
In healthy relationship, we are two whole people coming together. 
Imagine the number ’11’; two wholes creating another whole.
We already have all we want and need right here inside of us; right now. 
Beginning Monday, June 26, I will be offering a 5 day online retreat here on Facebook to help you begin the process of allowing your other love in, of creating the relationship you long for.
The investment in your creation is $127.
We will be discussing, and working with and through, many things magical and beautiful, deep and transformative, to get you on the path to building the foundation for the amazing love relationship you wish to create and allow into your life.
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How much do you want them????
You want them A LOT; SO much. 
I know…because this was me.
Let’s begin. ✨