What are you REALLY Wanting to Know?

This morning Ana and Will were watching a squirrel outside and wondering what it was doing as it scurried under our porch.
Will speculated it was laying it’s eggs, to which Ana busted out laughing and in true 21st century big sister form grabbed her iPad and consulted with Siri.
‘Hey Siri, show me images of squirrel eggs!’
To which, ever obedient and helpful, Siri replied, ‘ Here are some images of squirrel eggs you asked me to find.’
And to Ana’s great delight and awe Siri had found her an image of a nest of eggs with a baby squirrel hatching.
Will was somewhat unphased.
You see, Ana had been thinking, as squirrels are mammals and born live, there would not be images of squirrel eggs.
And Will thought squirrels were hatched from eggs.
It was hilarious and a great laugh…
Inspired this post.
It’s very often, very much, about the questions we are asking.
And are the questions we’re asking leading us to the answers we’re seeking.
We spend much time and effort searching for answers when spending that same time and effort on getting clear on just the right QUESTION can lead us to an almost instant answer.
What is it you REALLY want to know, Love?
What are your heart and soul leading you to? ❤️

Are You Hungry? Are You Ravenous?

What are you hungry for?
What are you feeling RAVENOUS about?
Feeling a push to CREATE lately?
Feeling a desire for something new and different, but you’re not certain what or how to make it happen?
Know exactly what you want, but those voices inside and all around you are telling you it isn’t possible…even though deep down you KNOW it’s possible, damn it!!!
Ready to…
Allow in, what your heart and soul want, with grace and ease?
Move through your stuck places, what’s holding you back?
Show up for yourself and say YES to You and YOUR life?
Own your power to create the life YOU want?
Experience healing and transformation on a deep level…and the opportunity to fast track this gently.
Create a new foundation from which to live this life you so deeply desire?
Have the opportunity to receive guidance and reassurance from your guides and the Universe through a 30 minute Intuitive Coaching and Card Reading session?
Be supported beautifully as you move through this process?
Learn tools to change and strengthen your mindset and experience of life that will serve you powerfully?
I’m offering a special and powerful 2 hour training AND a 5 day online retreat to help and support you in achieving these precious goals.
The 2 hour training is for you if you want to touch on some basics, get your feet wet, clear and heal some things energetically, and try this conscious creation thing out for yourself.
The 5 day online retreat is for you if you’d love to delve more deeply, create some deeper, more lasting transformation, receive guidance from your guides, and have more support as you begin your conscious creation journey.
The 2 hour training will be held Wednesday, June 7 from 7:30-9:30 CST. A $300 value for only $47.
The 5 day online retreat begins Monday, June 12 and ends Friday, June 16. It will include a daily live video training, activity, energy clearing/healing, a one-on-one 20 minute Intuitive Coaching and Card Reading session with me, support from myself and the other members of a private Facebook group. A $650 value for only $120.
Let’s get you LIVING the life your heart and soul are longing for, Love.
It’s Time.

The Power of Being in LOVE With Your Life

I am in LOVE with my life…
I’ve got such awesome FREEDOM to live as I choose. 
I’ve got a beautiful and amazing relationship with this man who speaks my language in SO many ways and whom I adore, admire, and find completely amazing, sexy, and astounding. Our relationship just keeps getting better. Yes. There is some ‘stuff’ AND I gladly and whole-heartedly choose him, us, and the stuff. We’re an amazing team and work SO well together.
I’ve got four amazing, brilliant, magical children whom I love fiercely and with whom I’m growing everyday.
I’ve got a home to live in that is so many things we need right now.
I’ve got a vehicle I greatly appreciate that takes us on grand adventures.
I’ve created an amazing business I love, that supports people in living their lives from their heart and soul; another amazing vehicle for me to take care of and provide for my family and I, abundantly and beautifully, a way to be of service in the world, living and being from MY own heart and soul.
Lately, I’ve lost sight of all of this.
I’ve gotten so caught up in my ‘What’s Next’ and trying to get clear on that and all of the things I see as obstacles in front of me, that I’ve been primarily seeing how I can’t, how life is a struggle.
The truth is…
I’m making it a struggle. I’m creating it.
I’m a powerful creator. And just as I’ve created some fucking AMAZINGNESS in my life, I’ve also been creating more and more mess and seeming stuckness.
I’ve been shutting down, getting tight in my body, and playing small.
It’s time to recognize this, to relax, appreciate, be in love, open to receiving, allow, have fun; BE aLIVE and the woman who truly IS in love with her life; this life she’s worked so diligently, lovingly, steadfastly, magically, hard, to create. 
Time to take my power back, to see the beauty in all that IS….because THIS woman KNOWS when she LIVES FULLY here and now, ‘What’s Next’, just floats in, as if it’s been there all along…because it has. ✨

Inspired Purging 

This. ✨✨✨
Feels really good.
I walk past this shelf at least 20 times a day. It used to be crammed with books, notebooks, papers, and dust.
That shit clogs up your life too.
I’ve felt compelled to clean the little corners of my world that are stuffed with stuff, dusty, full of things outdated and that I no longer need.
This is a fabulous sign and I welcome it excitedly and whole-heartedly.
It means something awesome is coming…and I’m joyfully getting ready.
How about you?
Feeling the desire to clean or purge?
DO it!!!!
Take the Universe up on this surge of energy and inspiration.
It feels AMAZING and the work gets done SO quickly and easily. ✨✨

Addiction is a Bitch

Anxiety has been a cloak for me to wear; a place of safety, to escape to and hide when I have felt naked, raw, and completely and utterly vulnerable.
The shittiest of places to feel safe….so terribly comfortable in the fiercest of discomfort.
The most punishing of safe places.
Why did I need to be punished?
Did I even? 
Is this why I chose anxiety; to be punished? 
Or was it simply familiar or supremely strong and reliable?
Why did safety have to feel so awful?
The letting go, the grief is loud and terrifying…and so fucked up…like saying goodbye to your abuser you’ve become unhealthily attached to for lack of another option and out of the shear need and primal impulse to survive.
Where you’ve been shattered, utterly crushed…and trust?….Trust that actually feels good? 
Fuck NO. 
You’ve learned to trust and count on the pain, hurt, and suffering.
Addiction; again.
‘A disease where you come back for more of what’s destroying you. The perfect storm.’ ~Matt Aldridge 
Time to move through.
Time to feel.
Time to let go.
Time to step into who I get to be without anxiety as a place of safety.
What DOES it feel like to not NEED anxiety?
What does it feel like to truly experience safety and security that is nurturing…where you’re really held, supported, empowered?
Who would I be, who do I get to be without this cloak, this place of safety?
What does safety get to look like instead?
What do I WANT it to look like instead?
And so I find myself compelled to mindlessly clean the refrigerator this morning. This place of nourishment…and sustenance.
No. It’s not irony. It’s life supporting me, us, in healing.
Crying…sobs, cleansing my heart, soul, body, of this prison of need.
One more piece.
One more layer.
One more deeep breath.
I feel it release…
safe…joy. ✨
Is there a place you feel trapped in your life?
Some place you keep coming to to help you cope with life that is also hurting you?
Ready to be and experience 
Private message me. Let’s work together to move you through and beyond this place.
It may be a long road…
And what’s it costing you, emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially to keep things as they are currently?
Is it worth taking the first step in order to experience freedom, and life, the way you want it to feel?
Let’s talk and get you supported in creating what YOU want….in feeling safe, joyful, and loved in ways you’ve only imagined until now.

Do You Allow Yourself to Feel Joy?

We’re hard wired to feel good and to seek out ways to achieve this, yet, we’ve also learned that societally, feeling good, experiencing joy, is bad.
Energetically, we all have a vibration and are magnets. So whatever it is we are vibrating, we’ll get more of.
When we open ourselves to feel joy, and truly allow ourselves to BE in, surrender to, the experience of it, more joy comes to us. 
I remember the first time I consciously allowed myself to feel joy…it was excruciating and I could only handle it for a few seconds.
I imagine many people would have this same experience.
We want to feel good, deep down we know it’s what’s best for us, and at the same time we’re so used to feeling bad…and on top of that it’s more socially acceptable to feel bad.
Oh the struggle.
And, I have found for myself, the more I open and allow myself to be in and experience the feeling of joy, the more capacity I have for it and the more joyFULL my life experience is.
We can allow joy at anytime. 
It comes from within us.
If I think about the word ‘joy’ I can begin to notice sensations in my body that feel good.
I then relax my body and open myself up and create space for those good feelings to expand and flow into all the spaces in my body I’ve just relaxed.
It’s exquisite.
See how long you can do this. 
Keep breathing.
When you feel yourself shutting down and tensing up, breathe and relax again.
True bliss. ✨
Then pay attention to your experience of your day and what magic and miracles flow to you. 😊💫

We’re Always Doing Our Best

This may seem extreme AND if you think about it, life is constantly changing.
What we know, understand, feel, and believe in each moment, what we have available to us as our unique experience of life is all based on our past and what we’ve brought with us to this moment. 
This is where we make our choices from, consciously or unconsciously.
As we’re living, being presented with situations, making decisions (mostly from our subconscious), and acting on them, we are gaining knew knowledge, understanding, and beliefs…and our next choices will be made from what we’ve gleaned from this moment.

Have You Just Given Your Power Away to a Fucking Politician?

Our power.
This is our life; ours to experience and create.
Are we giving up our power to ‘them’; to those who seem to have power?
Are we giving up our power to worry, fear, regret, disappointment, sadness, anger, grief, desperation, despair, irritation, frustration, anxiety, depression?
Are we giving up our power to the past or to the future?
I can feel places in me kicking and screaming right now…that this isn’t fair, that sometimes our power is literally stripped away.
Yes. Sometimes that happens.
And, truthfully, we source our own power.
Our power to create was with us when we arrived; has always been ours, always will be.
We have been magnificently, breathtakingly created with ALL we need to make this life great. To make it a beautiful thing we love and feel safe and good to live.
Yes, but, what about…
Yes, what about that?
It happened.
It completely fucking sucks/ed.
Now what?
Gonna let them/it win and control you and your life?
You know those inspiring stories we love to read about and flock to theaters to watch on a monstrous screen?
They are inspiring because those people who seemed to have their power stripped of them, found it, within themselves, and created something SO amazing.
Perhaps not what they originally wanted or intended.
Sometimes doors close in order to direct us elsewhere.
So cliche. I know.
And so true.
When our power feels lost or taken that is the time to use the power of our beautiful mind to begin asking questions, because finding answers is a super power of our brain.
And the BEST answers are found within us, our whole being; mind, body, spirit, soul.
When we ask a question, our mind goes to work on it…which activates our body, our spirit, and soul.
We’ve not been taught to listen to our bodies AND they give perfect and fantastic feedback; they cannot lie.
Our spirit, will be the still small voice that exists in our ‘deep down’ place, our gut, our inherent knowing, intuition…a place we’ve been taught to ignore…and don’t feel safe to trust.
Our emotions, our heart, when worked with, are very powerful.
There’s that power word again…
How does reading it feel in your body right now?
So? What questions can be useful, powerful?
One I find particularly useful is, ‘Is this true? Is this absolutely true?’
And, if I breathe and allow my mind space and time to seek the answer, I find it is also finding examples of how it is and/or isn’t true for me.
At which point I also get to pay attention to what emotions and physical sensations are coming up for me because that is my WHOLE self going to work to provide, nurture, and care for me.
For myself, I know, when my body feels tight and constricted, exhausted, and nauseous…that is NO.
And when my body feels open, light, expansive, energized, and my heart is also light and fluttery…that is YES for me.
Any emotions which come up are also for me…for me to attend to and FEEL, as there is a lesson in them, a message.
We are meant to feel good, to feel open, joyful, light, creative, expansive; powerful.
This is our natural state.
If we are not feeling good, we get to check in, get curious, feel, reorient, redirect, find the next thing that has us feeling good, and the next (even if that is simply going to the bathroom to pee).
I know this may seem naive and simplistic.
And…starting simply, gently, quietly, calmly…can be the most powerful place; ever.
Trying to solve a problem when we’re wrapped and tangled in it, when we’re frantic, isn’t truly even possible as our mind, literally cannot problem solve then. It’s too occupied, otherwise, creating the current story.
The moment we choose to stop, we’ve taken our power back.
Step out of the chaos….more power.
Assess the situation…more.
Ask if it’s absolutely true….SO powerful.
Begin the process of feeling through it and finding new solutions…we are accessing the fullness of our power to create our experience.
Taking action on those solutions…
THIS is us taking back and OWNING our power; using the gifts we’ve been given.
This is OUR power and is ALWAYS with us; ALWAYS ours.

Your Anger is Destroying You…Not ‘Them’

Do you ever find yourself holding onto anger toward someone as a way to punish them?
I used to do this, often, and without even realizing it.
I still catch myself doing it now sometimes…
Who does that REALLY hurt?
‘They’ may not really know you’re even upset with them.
And what’s further…
You are holding all of that anger in your body and reliving the experience over and over and over again.
This literally creates a toxic chemical storm in our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.
You’re giving them the power to continue to fuck with you.
All the while ‘They’ continue to go about their life….perhaps oblivious.
A more powerful and much less personally destructive way to be with, and move through, your anger…get it the FUCK out of your body.
It’s destroying you.
Dealing with this anger and moving it out of your body doesn’t make what ‘they’ did okay, doesn’t get them ‘off the hook’.
It takes care of you, allows you to be responsible for you and your feelings, your life, your situation.
You take your power to think what you want, feel the way you want to feel; create the life YOU want, back….from ‘THEM’.
This is YOUR life and ‘THEY’ can’t destroy YOU…unless you allow it. ✨