Get Right With Yourself and Everything Else Has to Follow Suit

What ever is going on within us is also showing up in our world around us.
It has to.
It’s a universal law; like gravity.
There is no negotiating or contesting.
It simply, IS.
And this, is bloody fucking FANTASTIC news!!!
Because it means WE are in control of our life and experiences.
Now. Absolutely some things show up and we may feel as though we’ve just walked into the land of WTF.
And it is at this point when we get to stop and take a good look at where we are and just what exactly is happening in our life.
We get to re-evaluate and decide if perhaps we might like a new experience.
We get to get clear on what we want to experience instead…and then do the work that is presented to us to get there.
I had several moments several years ago that had me re-evaluating and changing course.
I wasn’t happy in my marriage.
I wasn’t happy with my financial situation.
I wasn’t happy with my health.
I wasn’t happy with my career; my choice to simply be a stay-at-home mom. I wanted to be a work-at-home mom.
These are all major places to not be happy…
And after realizing what I really wanted instead, each of these areas was flipped completely upside down, destroyed, and I got the amazing blessing and opportunity to create a whole new foundation for myself, within myself, from which to create the life I really want.
I’m now happier and healthier, more fulfilled, lit up, and prosperous than I’ve ever been.
I’m in the relationship I’ve always wanted and it’s even better than I could’ve imagined, and keeps getting better.
If you’re ready to have a new experience of life; one that has you feeling fulfilled and lit up, ( and Yes, it’s possible and YES you FUCKING deserve it. If it’s on your heart, it’s meant to be yours. Let’s allow it in together.) connect with me here in Messenger or via email from my website here

You are a Gift

There is something about you, a way that you are, that draws people to you…that when you show up to a situation in life, you cannot help but BE this gift.
What is it?
Perhaps it’s more than one thing?
What ever it is, Thank You. 
Thank you for being here.
You are a gift.
It probably feels easy and graceful, effortless…and it is, because it’s how you are meant to show up here.
This is one of your super powers. 
How can you show up with this more often? 
You’re actually a walking gift. 
Your presence wherever you are called to be, is needed. ✨


Are you willing to allow good into your life?
Sometimes, we shut ourselves off because we don’t believe we deserve or can truly have awesome things happen for us.
We’ve been disappointed in the past, maybe we’ve even disappointed ourselves.
Maybe we believe we deserve to be punished.
Maybe we’re used to shit happening. It’s our default and we’re afraid to get our hopes up…or that if it gets too good, there has to be a balance to the scales and it’ll come bite us in the ass. 
Things can’t get TOO good. We’ve gotta keep that in check.
Guess what?
The Universe WANTS you happy.
The Universe WANTS you to feel good; amazing in fact.
The Universe is not out to get you or punish you.
There is NO limit to how good it can be…except for the limits you place on what you believe is possible…
And THAT is something you have 100% control over.
What might happen if you relaxed your body and allowed yourself to truly feel good?
And then relaxed a little more…and allowed yourself to feel even just a little better?
I’m giving you permission, if you need it; telling you, reassuring you, that it’s absolutely safe and right and good for you to believe you deserve awesomeness and to allow good…and even better….into your world.
And once you start…it just gets better…and YOU get to allow it to KEEP getting better. 
Willing to try??? 


Today…lately…gets to be time to breathe.

Breath is so important to staying present in the moment…to moving through anxiety and depression.

When we’re feeling anxiety we’re living in the future.

When we’re feeling depression we’re living in the past.

Breath has the power to bring us back, to this moment, to this time, to this place; now.

I have found using this breathing technique very useful and wanted to share it with you.

Breathe in, through your nose, to the count of 6. Fill your stomach with air.

Hold to the count of 6.

Exhale, through your mouth, to the count of 6. Empty your stomach of air.

Hold to the count of 6.

Breathe in, through your nose, to the count of 6.

Repeat for about 10 cycles.

You may find yourself yawning or your eyes watering…maybe tingling somewhere in your body. This is all good. All good. Simply energy moving and flowing again.

Breathe, Love.

All is well.

Right here. Right now. All is well. ✨

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