Intuitive Coaching and Card Readings

Many of us are feeling lost and uncertain as to our next steps right now. 2017 is a year of new beginnings. Many of us feel like we just walked away from a LOT and stepped through a door into a new world where we can see a light, and have no idea what steps to take to move forward.

Intuitive Coaching and Card Readings are a powerful way for us to take charge of ourselves, our lives, and to truly tap into our intuition and move forward in the best way possible for us in this moment.

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The Essential 7: Essential Oils for Your Everyday Life

essential 7 front cover for facebookHello Beautiful!

Have you been curious about essential oils and afraid to dive in??

Feeling overwhelmed by the very thought of them??

Unsure where to start?

I’ve got your back, Love.

I was once curious and oh so lost too. 🙂

Introducing….The Essential 7: Essential Oils for Your Everyday Life!!

This is a very basic, very simple and introductory class to help you begin and move forward immediately, with ease, grace, speed, and elegance.

Mmmmm….right? 🙂

You can even upgrade and add a 60-90 minute wellness consultation to help you with something more specific.

Both the class and consultation are specially priced, currently, and will increase soon.

Questions??? Connect with me here or on Facebook.

Looking forward to serving you beautifully!!!

Wishing you a dazzling day, Love!!!

Welcome to My Work in Progress!!

Hello Love,


This space is, and probably always will be,  a work in progress. Please feel free to look around, read posts, check out my space on Facebook, or perhaps you’d like to sign up for the Recipe for a Mama Respite Day below. 

Stay tuned…lots more to come very soon!!!

Wishing you a remarkable day, Beautiful!