We all have something our hearts and souls are calling us to and are not meant to travel this path alone. We are CO-creators and that means the Universe, our guides, angels, whom or what ever feel right for you, has our back and communicates with us to guide and support us.

One way they communicate with us is through tarot and/or oracle card readings and intuition.

I’ve been using this method for years with amazing results for myself and my clients.

It’s fucking DELIGHTFUL confirmation of our guide’s existence, and their support of us, when I’m doing a reading with a client and their cards and the guidance or messages coming through are spot on and give us both goosebumps….and this is a regular experience.

These readings are excellent for helping us know we’re on the right path and extra guidance when we feel lost or uncertain, when we’re looking for peace, or simply want to know what would most serve us to know right now or concerning a specific situation.

Readings are not meant to predict the future and can only show us evidence of what may happen based on what currently is. We are co-creators of our lives. Intuitive coaching in concert with readings will help you in more powerfully creating the life you are being called to.

And, let’s be honest; this stuff is just plain fun!



I truly love Intuitive Coaching and card readings, and these are some reasons why…the Universe works through me when I do this work and it results in something amazing every time….

‘In the middle of December I received a tarot reading from Jessica and the cards that popped up were describing me as stuck. I really didn’t feel that at the present time but after spending some extra time in the shower yesterday I was able to get a real clear picture about everything.

A couple days after the reading, I had gone to the dentist and he took a small x-ray of my tooth in the back of my mouth. He said that I would have to have a crown replaced. I didn’t have enough evidence from him to go with his suggestion until after I spoke with a friend. She suggested I see a bio dentist because they see the entire picture from A-Z. So I went to the bio dentist a couple of weeks later and my entire mouth was fully x-rayed. The dentist explained the entire situation to me and I felt more comfortable with her opinion about my teeth.

Even though I will have to visit the dentist twice to have everything fixed I’m glad that I got the second opinion.

I also realized that my check engine light is on in my car, and Illinois has a requirement to have it fixed before renewing my plate sticker in April.

During the reading Jessica also told me that I would have to move forward completely from a relationship, this was also true. I told a friend not that along go to not even repay the money that they owed me. I knew I wouldn’t see the money again, and told the person to never contact me again. I didn’t want to be in this position again with this person because I have seen it done with other people as well.

Even though I will be giving up about $4000 to have something repaired or never replaced. I don’t want to have the feeling of being under a contract with someone that can’t pay his or her debt back. After realizing this, I feel completely feel free and unstuck and ready to move forward again.’

~Andy, D.

Jessica is such an angelesque and vibrant soul. I’ve gone to her numerous times to have cards pulled for me and the guidance I received was spot on and in many cases brought me to tears. I’ve been able to clear energies and tackle my own shit with her guidance. She even did a toe reading for me and blew my mind. Jess is the real thing and I couldn’t ask for a better sister, and now great friend. If you’re looking for someone to deliver a clear message with raw honest energy and divine beauty, Jess will far exceed your expectations every damn time. ❤

~Tiffany Leanne, Mindset Rejuvenation motivational speaker

What are you most needing right now? 


Readings include discussion of your question or questions, my pulling cards, and then sharing what the cards say and what is coming up for me intuitively. It is also very important to discuss what you are noticing. Your own intuition is SO important and when we talk through what you and I are both noticing we will get a very accurate reading AND you will reinforce, for yourself, that you can trust your own intuition too.

Your reading will be recorded and the link sent so you can access it at anytime. I will also send you pictures of your cards and the accompanying messages.


Do you just need some quick guidance on one or two small issues? Something has come up and you want some direction?

One question? Choose, the 15 minute session.

Two questions? Choose the 30 minute session.


The 60 minute session is designed to help you sort, understand, and move forward from any challenging or new, and ready to be discovered, places in your life. Or if you’d like a general overview of a specific situation.

Bi-monthly and monthly packages are available to help support you on your journey throughout the year. You’ll receive a monthly or bi-monthly 45- 60 minute session to support and give you guidance on the next weeks and to help keep you focused on your path forward. Rather like having a lantern lighting your way. Imagine what a powerful year you could have…

Once you’ve made your payment, I will connect to schedule your personalized session.

If you have questions, connect with me here.

Intuitive Coaching and Card Reading