About Me

I want you to know how amazing and powerful you are.

I want you to know I believe you came here with a message and a purpose and that the reason you feel what seems like 'stuck' right now, is that you are preparing, and this message and purpose are moving you forward so that you can speak and live them on purpose; aware and awake.

I believe you cannot help BUT be and live this message AND that they have ways they are meant and desire to be expressed, lived...and this means you/us moving out of our comfort zone.

It means our comfort zone also fucking sucks.

That it both serves us and does not serve us, sometimes simultaneously.

I believe our heart and soul will not stop pushing and moving us within and through this life...to fulfill and BE who they KNOW we are.

I believe that the Universe shows up and supports said purpose and 'schools' us...helps us learn and grow; transform so that we can show up, in every way possible, as the best version of us possible.

I believe we are always doing our best; no one ever said doing our best was going to look pretty.

I believe we all have helpers who are meant to show up for and with us along our way...people who also have a message and purpose pushing and moving them through life; who've been through their own fire and come out on the other side, glorious...able and ready to serve.

I believe we meet these people at the exact moment we’re meant to.

It's a continuous birthing, creating, unfolding process.


It is one one of my greatest honors and deepest joys to support people in the process of coming home to themselves.