Intuitive Coaching and Card Readings

What IS this??

Intuitive Coaching and Card Readings are my own unique, very effective and individualized, way of supporting and helping you to get the clarity and guidance you're longing for to begin healing and moving forward when you're feeling lost and seemingly stuck.



Repeatedly thinking, 'What the FUCK??! I NOT doing right?'

During the session, you'll be heard, seen, held; NO judgment. Simply complete compassion and open space for you to express what is on your heart and mind.

As you share and express, I shuffle and pull cards, from a deck or decks which I intuitively choose prior to your session.

Then, we begin talking and moving through the messages from your cards.

I listen to you, to your story; really hear what you are saying, and what you are not, what you perhaps cannot; yet.

Messages also come through me. I will suddenly feel very called to share a thought, feeling, or experience...or something I've picked up on  and am noticing about and for you.

It can feel surreal...eerie even...and, it's almost always what you are needing to hear; peacefully, gently, kindly, lovingly.

By the end of the session, you may feel lighter, stronger, more certain, and ready for your next step(s). At the very least, I hope you feel heard, seen, felt; that you, and what you are experiencing, matter.

Sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes; usually. Sometimes we end up talking longer if needed.

I hold sessions via video on Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Skype, or in person if possible and it works for both of us.

Sessions are $60.

What My Clients Have To Say


This is Jessica Sutter and she is a Bad Ass!!

She is a friend
She is a person you can pour you guts out to
She has ZERO judgement
She WANTS to help you see YOUR potential
She is my spiritual coach
She helps you get in tune with you
She can see your core
She is YOUR biggest cheerleader
She helps you see what is holding you back

I have referred people to her that were sceptical of anything woo woo, psychic, card readers, ect.

They took the chance
They talked to Jess
They contacted me back and........They were amazed!
They could not believe how much Jess knew about them!
They could not believe their clarity after their chat :)

Contact her if you feel lost
Contact her if you feel stuck

Jessica Sutter
Thank You, Love You

~John Cassady, The OTR Group

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