Coming Home to You

What is Coming Home to You?

Coming Home to You is a monthly membership group I've created to help support men and women in just this; coming home, to themselves. The very place everything, good, bad, amazing, ugly and in between begins.

If things look and feel messy on the inside, our outer world will look the same, will reflect that back to us.

When our inner world, our relationship with our self is feeling amazing, our outer world and relationships, finances, etc. will reflect that.

Coming Home to You allows you space, time, and freedom to take the reins of your life back. 

Each month we focus on a specific theme. I will introduce it and provide some thought and insight in a LIVE Facebook video within the group at the beginning of the month. Then throughout there are other prompts, invitations, challenges. At the end of the month I do another LIVE Facebook video in the group that is Q&A, coaching, and card readings.

Members have the benefit of the support of myself and each other within the group. The group members are invited and encouraged to use the group space to sort, ask for help, support, and share throughts.

Member benefits also include drastically discounted one-on-one sessions with me. ~$35/session usually $60-$97.

The monthly membership fee is currently $24. And you are not obligated to remain in the group each month. You can choose to join and leave as feels right and best for you.

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