Jessica Sutter Black???

For all the forbidden, dark, sensual, turbulent, NOT politically correct, real, raw, say it like it is things you’ve ever wanted to say or do and feel you can’t because ‘they’ might see or hear...

A private group where...

We’re gonna talk about wet, messy, sweaty sex...and so much more.

The power of blow jobs

About relationships and how to manifest/create one that feels amazing

The deep, dark places we hide from



PTSD: Can we truly heal and move on from our trauma to create an amazing life?

What DOES it mean to ‘Take Responsibility’ for my life?

How the FUCK DO you Forgive??!? What they did was UNFORGIVEABLE!!!!

What’s right and what’s wrong...for you

Why Feminism is destroying us

All the things you think in your head and feel in your body, and feel you cannot speak or express out loud

Are Tarot and Oracle Card Readings trustworthy; something to live my life by???

Intuition?? How do I tap into that?? 

What the fuck is this Sacred Masculine/Sacred Feminine thing???

All the ways you want to BE and show up in life, and choose to hide out of fear of judgement and/or ridicule

Who the FUCK ARE You??

Raising Boys...Raising Men

Raising Girls...Raising Women

True Surrender

The power of the breath

Parenting...oh my GOD parenting

The Information Age and how it has/is effecting our free and safe do you feel to parent in the way you KNOW is best for your child/ren?

The Secret to Creating an Amazing Relationship

Ravaged: Primal Masculinity and Femininity

Yoni eggs

That Woo-Woo Shit aka Spirituality; yep. You can be grounded AND spiritual

Personal growth and development bullshit



My experience in my marriage sexually and with gaslighting manipulation the difference between that and what my relationship is now.

Shame and Sex

The No Sex OMG Every night and during the day before it too

Hiding from sex

How to draw her out and turn her on

How to draw him out and turn him on 

Ready to....



Create amazing change in your life

Become part of the conversation???

Monthly Membership to Jessica Sutter Black is $31...And until June 20th is only $25/month.