Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing. 

Everything is made up of energy. Reiki is a way to utilize that energy for healing. The practitioner is present with their client to focus healing where it is needed. 

Reiki is intelligent in that it goes where it is needed and keeps working for several days after a session.

It can, and does also, work across time and space, which means sessions can be conducted in person or apart. Reiki can be sent to the past, present, or future.

Reiki was, is, very valuable for me, and others, in helping to heal a lot of places we are stuck; places we know 'should' be logical to sort in our heads, but where we just cannot seem to get them to shift and 'work'. It helps in all situations, and very well where trauma or abuse are an issue.

This is another space I especially love working with people as I am able to help them get in tune with themselves. I can feel what they are feeling, and together, with Reiki, we heal and move through stuck places.

Sessions are 60 minutes and can be conducted in person or over the phone or video.


What My Clients Have to Say

And wow......I believe real Reiki healing happens AFTER the session is over. I've been releasing SO MUCH since our session! Lots of belching, which I believe you picked up on. Lots of strange energy movements since then.

I have felt so good the last 24 hours! So much clearer in my heart and solar plexus, 

And the guy that I've been seeing has been so sweet to me. Like, hugely present and different. I was about to break up with him, and then I guess things shifted for him, too. 

~K. L.

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