Love Letters to Myself

I’m sitting here thinking about Love Letters to Myself, about the space it is, both physical and emotional…spiritual.

I’m being with what I want for this space, how I want it to feel; what I want the experience to be.

I want this space to feel comfortable, relaxed, easy, nourishing, sacred, safe, supportive, compassionate and fierce. A place you can feel safe to be seen, express, and share and also be held in the vision of your highest and best self. A place we’ll let you crumble to the floor in a mess, that we’ll go there with you, comfort you, hold you, be there with you, and also and then continuously hold space for you to rise back up fierce, beautiful, and stronger than ever.

This IS Love Letters to Myself.

This IS the space you learn and grow, become all of this for yourself…while also knowing you’re not doing it alone. Ever. That it’s always right and good, expected, that you will need others. As we do. We are not islands. And we are fierce, strong, beautiful, independent, interdependent, beings as well.



Please come in and introduce yourself, make yourself comfortable. In fact, let’s learn more about what ‘comfortable’ means for you and take steps to create that.

I am, WE are, so thrilled and delighted to have you here.

So thrilled to be given the gift it is to know and support you, to love you, and also to learn from you and grow with you. You bring so much to this world, this small space within it.

Thank You for being here.

Shall we begin?

I See You

I see you.

I see you when you’re so afraid to settle into your body, to choose to be fully embodied in the world, to LIVE, because of what it felt like before, how it hurt SO much.

I see you.

I see you courageously tucking your soul and spirit back into your body, getting comfortable, readjusting, noticing how terrifying it feels, and yet so good.

I see you, and your courage to finally trust yourself to live, to live your life; the one you’ve always wanted.

The one that’s here, present, before you, all around and within you, waiting for you to participate in it fully.

The one you worked so hard for; died for.

Yes. It’s absolutely worth it. Every blessed moment. Every sharp, searing pain…to get here.

I see your strength.

I see your courage.

I see your resolve and your beautiful commitment to yourself and to those you’ve agreed to journey with here.

I see you struggle, feel so uncomfortable.

And yet, there is a part of you who is so much stronger than the discomfort.

The part of you who KNOWS.

I see you listening to, and following your soul, to what is meant for you, come what may, no matter what.

Fully invested.

No room for regret.

I see you, and you’re precious.

So loved.

So honored.

So cherished.





There is something deeply profound we have been moving through.
In every one of the readings I’ve done lately, numerous conversations, and within myself there is a theme.
‘Things are shifting.’
‘I’m meant to do something similar, yet vastly and deeply different and I can feel it, I KNOW it, I have an idea of what it is, and I have NO idea how it’s going to look or play out.’
Basically…OMG the things that have been happening in my world…amazing…deep…and….am I FUCKING CRAZY???? I feel like I’m on a roller coaster and I’m tired and maybe I’m lazy AF and it seems there are things I SHOULD be doing, but that doesn’t seem right either…
And NO. You’re not fucking crazy…not in the way you think you are.
By society’s standards we’re fucking crazy to be asking these questions in the first place.
Cause THAT’S how AWESOMENESS happens in the world!
There is something deeply magical, beautiful, and prosperous occurring.
I feel we are building our foundation for our ‘What’s Next’.
And our ‘What’s Next’ is gonna be amazing!
We’re creating the space within ourselves to make manifest what we want and what is meant for us in our outer world.  
‘As within; so without’.
We may have a vision, may have HAD a vision, but what is happening now looks very little like what we thought it would.
And that has us disconcerted.
Though when we really check in with ourselves (as many of us have been; fucking FREQUENTLY) we know we are correct.
We know we’re exactly where we need to be; where we’re meant to be.
We know this is more space we get to surrender and trust…trust that the Universe is making some incredible magic happen for us.
We know we’re being prepared.
We know what we thought was going to happen and what is meant for us almost never look the same.
We know that what is meant for us is crazy awesome and powerful.
And that still leaves us feeling anxious and in fear sometimes.
We’re human.
We know we’re meant for something deeply beautiful and there is going to be a breathtaking ripple effect…and this keeps us moving forward, taking steps, baby though they may be.
We’re being prepared. We’re making ourselves ready.
Very often, having confirmation of what we’re sensing is so incredible, so powerful, such an amazing gift.
If you’d love some insight and confirmation…I’d love to support you in that.
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‘I keep trying to make this work and it isn’t.’
‘Try harder!’ 
WTF?!?! Is this even a thing??
‘The harder I try the harder it gets.’
‘The harder I try the more he/she pulls away.’
That’s because trying puts us in the space OF pushing away and trying to control and OUT of trust and faith that all is well and we are taken care of, loved, supported, and provided for.
I explain this to my clients using a sphere shape. 
These are outward motions which push things away.
These are inward motions which allow for things to come to us.
We are meant to attract, to allow what we want to come to us and when we TRY we push what we want away and further, take control from the Universe (we interfere in fact) who will gladly give it up and equally gladly take it back once we realize allowing the Universe to be in control is SOOO much easier.
We and the Universe.
We have an agreement.
We always have what is meant for us; what our heart and soul truly desire.
It just doesn’t always look the way WE think it should.
And when things feel most challenging…it’s because we are out of trust and faith.
Be, Love.
Let go.
Follow your heart and what lights you up and feels good….cause THAT’S your soul talking.
And watch the magic happen. ✨

She wanted me to hold my hands just right…
So it would look like I was powerful and holding the world up…It’s an awesome picture…and an amazing idea…
And I do.
And I can.
I’m learning how to do this on a deeper and more beautiful level.
I’m learning to ‘Celebrate the wins, Sutter.’
Learning how important this is.
Learning how the lens I view the world from when I don’t do this, has been dark and fucking with my life, my happiness, my success.
How being in, seeing, and recognizing what’s right, good, and oh so great IS holding up the world…with ease, grace, serenity, connection, and elegance.
How being in my heart and body, in love and happiness IS strength, courage, beauty, grace, confidence, abundance, prosperity, wealth, integrity….life.
‘Gotta celebrate the wins, Sutter.’
Let’s celebrate together.
What would you love to acknowledge, celebrate about yourself, your life?
Share in the comments. ✨

Moving Through These Times With Grace, Ease, and Elegance

The last few days have felt so heavy.
Yesterday was heavy with grief; so much grief.
So much letting go.
So much acceptance.
So much surrender.
So much simply relaxing my body to allow it all to move…through.
So much crying…at just the simplest things…that really weren’t so simple at the same time….the receptionist at the chiropractor offering a next appointment time on ‘that’ day…for instance.
And there has been so much cleaning, purging, reorganizing, moving…
As I was writing my wins at the end of the day yesterday I realized I had cleaned the house, the van, laundry, dishes, and had begun cleaning my computer….and my heart.
We are getting ready
Setting up
Creating a new foundation for what is next.
And while we are creating, building, establishing, pieces of what’s next are showing up; glimpses.
And yet, we may still feel so lost.
When this is our reality, it is best do what is directly in front of us.
We are probably also feeling A LOT of ‘DOing’ energy right now as the planets are aligned in such a way that Aries (Think LOTS of FIRE and PASSION and WARRIOR energy) is leading us currently AND today is a full moon.
There is a lot of shit that’s moving.
And in all of this DOing energy it becomes imperative to BE.
To BE.
To Allow.
To Surrender.
The cleaning is just as much metaphorical as it is physical.
It supports us in cleansing and healing old hurts and patterns.
Old hurts and patterns we just cannot take with us, DO not want to repeat…and if we DO NOT want to repeat we must attend to them; now.
Allow that.
Relax your body and allow it to FEEL…it will sting and burn and feel so raw and then very soon soothed, caressed, nourished.
Also allow the passion and drive you are feeling to be expressed in ways that feel amazing…
Have sex.
We cannot help BUT create.
We ARE creation.
Follow your heart, your drive, your instinct.
You can’t fuck this up, Love.
Everything is just right and getting so much better.
If you’d love support in attending to this; to you, to your old hurts, patterns, beliefs; to your letting go, grieving, allowing, surrender in a way that feels just right to you, shows you how you are safe, right, loved and held, always…Private message me.
Coaching Intensives are 60-90 minutes and are $97.
Intuitive Coaching and Card Readings are anywhere from $20-$60 depending on what you choose.
And Distance Reiki sessions are $60.
Getting the help and support we need and deserve feels ‘Oh SO Good’ <3

Are You Sure?

Being called to be sure
To stand in our certainty and truth
To know who we are
What we want
What is meant for us.
And sometimes we KNOW
We KNOW there is fire to walk through
And we get to choose 
Choose to stand up 
With confidence
And take the first step forward
And the next
And the next
To surrender to what is
The process
To let go of what no longer serves
To allow and birth the newest version of ourselves
It can be done with resistance
Parts of us so want to resist
Out of fear
Of the unknown
Of pain
Of death
We can allow with grace and elegance
Surrendering beautifully, fully, to what is happening FOR us
As life IS
The beauty of life IS in the utter surrender to the vulnerable space of vulnerability
To simply show up to life
Fully and completely ourselves
Having expressed what we desire
Opening to receive.
Certain of this
Of the decision, the choice, to say YES
In this moment
Come what may
Because everything in us says
‘This. Is gonna be fucking awesome.
Your life will never be the same and you will NOT regret this.’

Trust, Like It’s All We Have

There is some seriously strong, messy, chaotic, stormy energy moving through this month.
And it seems this is one of those times we get to simply surrender and allow the Universe to do it’s thing. 
This IS the work right now.
Fierce self-care and beautiful, courageous surrender.
Things will change, for the better, and it will be best and easiest if we simply breath, trust, relax, surrender and allow it all to just happen no matter how scary or messy it gets or feels.
It’s time to hold fast, hold steady, and trust like it’s all we have. ✨❤️

Reiki and Energy Healing OH MY!!!

Moving through.
Cause you can’t usually go around.
We’re so much more than a collection of cells.
We’re energy.

We’re life itself.
We’re made of ALL the stuff of life…including the magical elements that make all of creation possible.
I believe this very much.
I feel and KNOW this IN all of who, and what, I am.

It feels exciting, electrifying, magical; real.
We arrive here with a deep knowing, a mission of sorts; purpose.
Thus, why we are forever striving to KNOW what we are meant to do and feel so lost, depressed, anxious when we don’t feel we are DOing or living from this space.
And even though we don’t always, consciously know what it is; we feel it.
We have things we are meant to accomplish.
We’re here to learn and grow, become even more brilliantly who and what we truly are.
This can play out kazillions of different ways.
Life is limitless; full of possibility.
Along this life experience, we are met with challenges, places we get to learn and grow through.
These challenges will not be successfully moved through with the power of our mind only.
We are much more complex, and yet simple, than that.
We need a deeper magic because we ARE the deeper magic manifest.
And here is where this gets a bit ‘woo-woo’ and completely awesome.
When we’re met with these challenges the most amazing and LASTING, complete, way through is by using the power of our mind, body, spirit, and soul…the magical energy of each of these pieces.
When I was in the earlier stages of moving through depression about 10 years ago, I was introduced to Reiki.
It was amazing.
So soothing.
After my first session, I felt as though I was floating on a cloud for about 2 days.
Exquisite and SO needed right then in my life.
Each person’s experience is unique.
Each session is unique…because it allows whatever needs to happen just then, to happen.
Completely, perfectly, and beautifully individualized.
Reiki is a Japanese method of healing and translates specifically as “Universal Life Force Energy”. It’s a form of healing that uses energy, the ‘stuff’ that IS all of life, to heal; mind, body, spirit, soul.
It’s quite magical and fantastic. I have seen some fucking breathtaking things happen as a result of using and giving Reiki.
It so helped and changed my life that I moved through the process and became a Reiki Master/Teacher.
I use this in my work with my clients every day. 
I use it in my work with myself every day.
It’s an amazing tool.
Reiki is just one form of energy healing in the world and energy healing has been a MASSIVE component of my transformation and healing and how I’ve been able to achieve and allow, arrive, where I am in my life now.
It’s a massive component of many, many people’s transformational experience.
SO many people would not be where they are without it.

Energy healing actually changes and transforms what was, into something completely new.
It takes what wasn’t working, and when we are ready, allows us to release and forgive, heal and integrate what will, and is ready, to work in our life, to make our life more amazing, more dynamic; breathtaking. 
Another amazing aspect of energy healing, and one reason it works so perfectly, is that it works beyond the limits of time and space. 
Meaning, Reiki works to heal things that happened during any time or place within your existence as a soul.
AND it means I don’t have to be in the room with you in order to work my part of the magic.
Holy Fucking, Woo-Woo, Batman. Right???!!!?
And yet, it’s completely true.
People have been able to let go and be released from things that have had them suffering for YEARS in a single session…
Oh the things I could tell you and will soon….
This being said, I am now offering individual Distance Reiki sessions to help and support you in your transformational experience, to help you continue to expand and step more fully into the best version of you and create the life you know is meant for you.
Distance Reiki sessions generally last an hour and will be done entirely through text or messaging in Facebook Messenger as it allows me to concentrate and be more present with and for you. 
Yeah. I know. That sounds weird, and a bit like a cop out, AND trust me. <3
If you’re wanting to schedule your own Distance Reiki session to help you move through some things that just don’t seem to wanna budge with your regular tools, you can PM me or click the link in the comments.
Let’s get you feeling amazing and dynamic!! <3